Faye and Elliot 


Cute messages!

At Ollie and Kristinas wedding. 


The dress x

The dress x

Gooorrgggous Jess 


Richie and Jess : ) 

Married right on the edge of a cliff.. facing Es fedre beautiful beautiful location. ( maybe my fave ) 

The light and just the privacy had a great vibe. 

The two were 25 yrs old together for 7 months and both said they just knew they were meant to be together. 

They got married alone. I signed as the witness and we all had a cupcake. 

What was strange as I had met her before in Space ! And she had been the only girl I spoke to that night.. in the toilets.. the world is strange at times. 


Micki Spoon. 

Actress on a cruise ship for 20 years! Photographed her as she stopped off in Ibiza for an evening. 

A great character.